With rates hovering around historic lows, now may be your time to buy.
Buying now may just make sense because…  

  •  You are searching for your dream home; OR

  • You want to own your home instead of renting; OR

  • You are ready to upsize, or downsize your home; OR

  • You are ready for a change

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Academy Loan Benefits & Feaures

A Variety of Mortgage Programs

- We can help you understand what loan programs you're eligible for and help you understand the differences between them. u may be able to get a lower rate. Depending on the length of your loan term, a lower rate may decrease or increase your monthly payment.

- We offer Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages. We can help craft a custom loan for your unique needs.

Quick Closing Times

–Academy Mortgage sets the gold standard in loan origination, with average closing times that are significantly quicker than our competition.

– This could help you gain a competitive advantage when making an offer on your new home.

Local Branches and Loan Officers

– We have the distinct advantage of being a direct lender, which means all loan processing, underwriting, and funding are handled in our local branch offices. Our teams have the tools and resources in-house to expedite these processes, resulting in our proven track record of closing loans as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Focus Has ALWAYS Been Home Purchases

– Academy Mortgage has always focused on home purchases with a target of 80% of total transactions being purchase, which is significantly better than the industry average.

About Academy Mortgage

At Academy Mortgage, we believe that the American Dream is built upon sustainable homeownership. It is our privilege to be a part of such an important milestone in our customers’ lives.


A Unique Company Culture - Products are products. Rates are rates. Our company culture focused on families, not files, is what sets us apart from banks and other mortgage lenders, and we like it that way. We care about our employees, we care about serving others, and we care about making dreams come true by getting families into homes.


A People-Centric and Purpose-Driven Mission - Academy’s mission is to be 1st CHOICE in delivering the dream of sustainable homeownership by inspiring hope and building prosperity in the families and communities we serve.


Committed to Our Communities Through Service Initiatives -
We believe  we have a responsibility to give back to families and communities–both at home and abroad–whose needs are great and whose resources are limited. We fulfill this responsibility through partnerships with housing-related nonprofit organizations throughout the country and around the world. 

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